Lucide vs Feather Icons

Lucide is a community-run fork of Feather Icons.

It began after growing disaffection of the Feather Icons project moderation. With over 300+ open issues and over 100+ open PRs, the Feather Icons project has been abandoned and not maintained actively. This unfortunately means that hundreds of developers and designers wasted their time contributing to Feather Icons with no chance of PRs being accepted.

Lucide is trying to expand the icon set as much as possible while staying faithful to the original simplistic design language. We do this as a community of devs and designers.

Why should I choose Lucide over Feather Icons?

  • Lucide already expended the icon set by 130+ in less then a year. Lucide has over 500+ icon, feather sticks around 286 icons.
  • Well maintained code base.
  • Active community.

Should I migrate to Lucide?

That depends if you're fine with the icons from feather icons. If that is the case, it is maybe not the effort worth it. But if you keep wrestling and feel limited by the icons Feather provides you can consider to migrate. We didn't remove any icons when we forked, but there are some icons renamed.

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