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Lucide vs Feather Icons

Lucide is a community-driven fork of Feather Icons.

The decision to create Lucide arose from growing dissatisfaction with the moderation of the Feather Icons project. With more than 300 open issues and over 100 open PRs, the Feather Icons project has been abandoned and is no longer actively maintained. Unfortunately, this means that numerous developers and designers have invested their time in contributing to Feather Icons without the possibility of their PRs being accepted.

In an effort to expand the icon set while remaining true to the original minimalist design language, Lucide is driven by a community of developers and designers. We strive to grow together and maintain a faithful continuation of the project.

Why should I choose Lucide over Feather Icons?

  • Lucide has expanded its icon set by 500+ in the last few years. Lucide now has over 1000 icons, while Feather has around 287 icons.
  • Well maintained code base.
  • Active community.

Should I migrate to Lucide?

That depends on whether you're satisfied with the icons from Feather Icons. If that is the case, it may not be worth the effort. However, if you find yourself struggling and feeling limited by the icons provided by Feather, you can consider migrating. When we forked, we didn't remove any icons, but some icons have been renamed.