Lucide React Native

Implementation of the lucide icon library for React Native applications


First, ensure that you have react-native-svg@^12.0.0 installed. Then, install the package:

yarn add lucide-react-native
# or
npm install lucide-react-native

How to use

It's build with ESmodules so it's completely threeshakable. Each icon can be imported as a react component.


You can pass additional props to adjust the icon.

import { Camera } from 'lucide-react-native';
// Returns ReactComponent
// Usage
const App = () => {
return <Camera color="red" size={48} />;
export default App;



Custom props

You can also pass custom props that will be added in the svg as attributes.

// Usage
const App = () => {
return <Camera fill="red" />;

One generic icon component

It is possible to create one generic icon component to load icons.

:warning: Example below importing all EsModules, caution using this example, not recommended when you using bundlers, your application build size will grow strongly.

Icon Component Example

import * as icons from 'lucide-react';
const Icon = ({ name, color, size }) => {
const LucideIcon = icons[name];
return <LucideIcon color={color} size={size} />;
export default Icon;

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