Lucide Static

This package include the following lucide implementations:

  • All svg files
  • Javascript library containing strings of svgs.
  • Icon fonts
  • Svg sprite

Why lucide-static?

This package is suitable for very specific use cases for example if you want to use icon fonts, svg sprites, normal svgs or Common.js Svg strings in your javascript project.

⚠️ It is not recommended to use this package for svg sprites or icon fonts for web pages/applications, for prototyping it is ok. We recommend to bundlers for web applications to make sure you only bundle the used icons from this icon library (Treeshaking). Otherwise it will load all the icons, making you webpage loading slower. Threeshaking is only available in the packages: lucide, lucide-react, lucide-vue, lucide-vue-next, lucide-angular, lucide-preact


Package Managers

yarn add lucide-static
# or
npm install lucide-static


<!-- Svg File -->
<img src="">
<!-- Icon Font -->
@font-face {
font-family: "LucideIcons";
src: url( format("truetype");


Checkout the codesandbox examples.

SVG Files

Svg file as image

To use it in for example html:

<!-- Svg File -->
<img src="~lucide-static/icons/home.svg">
.home-icon {
background-image: url(~lucide-static/icons/home.svg)

Make sure you have the correct webpack loaders to make this work. url-loader

Svg file Inline

You can simply import each svg by targeting lucide-static/icons/{icon-name}.svg. To use svgs in your project you can for example use a svg loader.

import arrowRightIcon from 'lucide-static/icons/arrow-right'
// return string of a svg

SVG Sprite

You may need additional loader for this.

<!-- Icon Sprite, not recommended for production! -->
<img src="lucide-static/sprite.svg#home">
<!-- or -->
<use href="#alert-triangle" />
...sprite svg

If you'd prefer, you can use CSS to hold your base SVG properties

.lucide-icon {
width: 24px;
height: 24px;
stroke: currentColor;
fill: none;
stroke-width: 2;
stroke-linecap: round;
stroke-linejoin: round;

and update the svg as follows

...sprite svg

Icon Font

<div class="icon-home"></div>


To use lucide icons in your Nodejs project you can import each icon as:

const { messageSquare } = require('lucide-static/lib')

Note: Each icon name is in camelCase.

Example in node.js project

const express = require('express')
const { messageSquare } = require('lucide-static/lib')
const app = express()
const port = 3000
app.get('/', (req, res) => {
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>
<h1>Lucide Icons</h1>
<p>This is a lucide icon ${messageSquare}</p>
app.listen(port, () => {
console.log(`Example app listening at http://localhost:${port}`)

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